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The following information is to help you prepare for the Tournament.
Please check back here frequently.

NCDI Tournament Schedule

This is a site map of Cane Creek Middle School showing competition areas and other general information.

NCDI Tournament Concessions Menu

General Information/ Welcome Letter

There is important information for each Challenge, including specific maps showing both where to unload your props and where to pick them back up after your Team’s performance.

On Target
Map for On Target Teams
Important Information for On Target Teams

Medical Mystery
Map for Medical Mystery Teams
Important Information for Medical Mystery Teams

Game On
Map for Game On Teams
Important Information for Game On Teams

Heads Up
Detail Map of Performance Area for Heads Up
Important Information for Heads Up Teams

Monster Effects
Map for Monster Effects Teams
Important Information for Monster Effects Teams

Escape Artists
Map for Escape Artists Teams
Detail of performance area for Escape Artists Teams
Important Information for Escape Artists Teams

Pop Up
Map for Pop Up Teams
Important Information for Pop Up Teams


We are currently working on the Tournament Program.
If you would like to place a shout-out or ad in the Tournament Program, information is available here: NCDI Tournament Program Ads.  The deadline for placing ads is February 25.

Code of Conduct




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